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Bowl of Sharks Cioppino
Sharks' Cioppinosauce Sharks' Cioppino Sauce

Inspired by an old tradition "Sharks Cioppino Sauce imparts that flavor we have been looking for. The balance of spice both sweet and tart is immediately noticed. Made from hand-picked produce, imported tomatoes, red wine and no preservatives. This heavy-bodied marinara based sauce comes to you fresh-made in small batches. Made Available in durable attractive stand-up pouches. Use creatively as you would with any Italian marinara red sauce or use for world class Seafood Cioppino. One quart pouch makes 2 large bowls of Cioppino or 3/4 with pasta.We recommend this simple method for adding the right amount of seafood. In general 1 large handful(except w/shells) per serving. With shells, 2 handfuls of seafood. Any seafood works great(Chip-in) with Sharks Cioppino Sauce although oysters make not be the best choice for most. Our restaurant recipe seafood ingredients varies slightly. Best seafoods include fresh fish, preferably Rockfish or Cod or other white fish,prawns, pink shrimp and Dungeness Crab, clams and mussels. Be creative, chip-in what you can get fresh and reasonably priced. Unnecessary to buy expensive seafood. Frozen seafood works very nicely as well in a pinch. So easy to prepare: Heat cioppino sauce on med high to a boil in a sauce pan. Add the appropriate amount of seafood and return to a complete boil. Stir, then continue to boil another 1 min or until fish is flakey. Don't overcook! Serve and eat immediately for best results. Serve with crusty Sourdough or Italian/French bread.

Sharks' Cioppinosauce

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